mardi, juin 13, 2006

Pete vs. Johnny

Rocker Pete Doherty got himself in a fight this weekend with Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell after the Leeds Festival. Sunday, after both bands performed, Razorlight entertaining on the main stage and Babyshambles at the NME/Radio 1 Stage, Pete Doherty went to Razorlight's dressing room and headbutted frontman Johnny Borrell.
A source told “We’ve been told that Pete Doherty did in fact have a disagreement with Razorlight. Rumour is that Doherty walked into the band’s dressing room last night after both bands had played and in an unprovoked attack headbutted Johnny Borrell.
"Johnny put Doherty on the floor and left the dressing room, at which point festival security escorted Doherty from the dressing room and back to his bus."


Anonymous zele said...

ohhhh pa bien peete fcht

3:35 PM  

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